William Steele- Level II Pipeline Integrity Inspector

Let me take some time to tell you about one of our third semester students, William Steele. Steele started in the fall of 2017 and is expected to graduate fall 2019. He lives in Northern Arizona with his beautiful wife and two daughters. The youngest daughter having just been born September 20th of this year! Ensuring to raise his daughters well by being a good role model, he lives his life with purpose and determination in everything he does. Personal development, both in the physical sense and in character, are obviously important to him as soon as you meet him. He has a strong work ethic and high integrity, making Warrior-To-Inspector very proud to call him one of our own. He found out about the Non-Destructive Testing program at Warrior-To-Inspector from a flyer at Barlow’s Jeep Rental in Sedona. Steele served in the US Coast Guard, and like many veterans, entered a law enforcement career after the military. Law enforcement turned out not being financial beneficial enough to endure the politics and micromanagement that often comes with it. Steele's background also includes owning a fabrication and welding business. Combining his background in metal work with his strong grit, Steele has been extremely successful within the NDT industry. During his second semester he got an employment contract with a company in the energy sector of NDT. Currently he is mainly working in the field as a level II Pipeline Integrity Inspector all over the United States. Although the travel was partly what interested Steele about this career, he does admit that being away from his family can be difficult at times. It is worth the time apart though since Steele can take pride in providing a great life for his family. He also makes sure to make the time at home that much more special. “The first few months with a family and no income. I almost went back to either law enforcement or back to the military.” – William Steele Even though the first semester saw its tough times, Steele pushed through and is happy he did. What attracts him to the industry is the financial benefits, all the travel, the technology used in the field, having high responsibility at work, and having a self-reliant career. Although all jobs have their pros and cons, Steele feels confirmation that he made the best career move every day in the field. After graduation Steele plans to keep progressing within the NDT industry, while still helping out the school where he can and aiding in the progression of future students.