War2In's Mission

How We Started

Kenny Greene, ASNT NDT Level  III – Warrior-2-Inspector, President & Lead Instructor.

Kenny Greene has been a certified Non-Destructive Testing Inspector since 1989 and has worked as an ASNT NDT Level  III (UT,MT) and a Lead Technician since 1999. Over the last 33 years his ASNT, AWS & ICC  certifications have provided iconic opportunities to work on projects such as Los Angeles’73-story 1st Interstate World Center (1989), the World’s largest mobile crane (The 5,888 ton Mammoet-2008), The Port Authority of NYNJ’s 105-story WTC Tower 1(2010), and a PHMSA recognized and patented PMI Pipeline Material Verification process, along with significant regional projects such as Arizona’s Tempe Town Lake Bridge and the Lowell-Discovery Channel Telescope. Now as president and Lead Instructor of Warrior-2-Inspector, a military transitioning  Pipeline Integrity NDT trade school and Apprenticeship Program in Flagstaff, AZ, Kenny has dedicated the remainder of his career to fostering the next generation of expert NDT practitioners.

As the founder of Warrior-To-Inspector (War2In), I have been 100% involved in the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) industry since 1988. Every NDT Inspector has their own story about how they struggled to get into our industry and my story is no different…except that, my story will end with how you were able to methodically, strategically & successfully plan your course to the top of our industry. So far, most of our students have been able to graduate debt free and with employment arranged prior to graduation. We are absolutely unable to make any guarantee or claim to this fact, yet can provide examples of specific student’s career paths at your request.
What is Non-Destructive Testing?
NDT is a group of specific test methods and techniques used to tested critical engineering components to determine their compliance to industry specifications and codes, or to determine their fit for service condition. Unlike laboratory or analytical testing in which the materials are destructively tested or destroyed during the process of determining their material properties, during Non-Destructive Testing, the materials are not harmed in any way that would prevent them from being returned to their intended service.
As an NDT Trade school, what do we do?
We recruit high quality retiring Military Veterans, as well as civilians, into our 1-1/2 year, fast-track education and training program in order to create fully trained, certified and experienced NDT professionals with every effort and intent to place graduates with companies that have a need to hire the very best quality, custom molded NDT professionals available on the market today.

What Specific Training Do We Provide?

Non-Destructive Testing Courses
 Magnetic Particle Testing
  Ultrasonic Thickness Testing
  Ultrasonic Shear-Wave Testing
 Phased-Array  Ultrasonic Testing
  Outage/Shutdown/Turn-Around NDT Technician Job Readiness 
Pipeline Integrity Courses
 ILI-NDE Correlation
 In-Ditch Technician
 External Corrosion Direct Assessment (ECDA)
 Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment (ICDA)
 Creaform Pipecheck – External Corrosion Mapping Scanners
 Automated Ultrasonic Testing-Internal Corrosion Mapping Scanners
 Long-Seam Identification
 Long-Seam Defects-Critical Crack Sizing
National Exam Prep Courses
 API-Quality Ultrasonic Testing Examiner
 API-Quality Ultrasonic Phased Array

Industry Specific Training
 * Contact for more information


How do we do it? 

 Strategic alliances between military personnel, our training facility, experienced senior inspectors and companies that have a continuous need for qualified NDT personnel.


Whom do we do it for? 

 We do it for the Veterans that need to transition into civilian employment as well as highly motivated civilians looking to transition into an NDT career with companies that have a need for highly trained professionals in their field. 


How are we different from other NDT schools?

As an NDT school, our training is in strict compliance with ASNT CP-189.  Yet a great example of how our training may be very different from any other NDT school is our 920-hour Ultrasonics Course. Where an 80-hour Ultrasonics course is typically provided by most schools, that school may not be designed to absolutely ensure your successful transition into the NDT industry. With the additional 840 hours of intensely monitored Hands-On and Laboratory Training and Structured OJT facility experience, we at Warrior-To-Inspector were created by design to strategically walk you through the most difficult portion of your training -- the Application and Experience. 

What value are we bringing?

  We are bringing value to our country by providing a solution to the epidemic problem of retiring Veteran unemployment.


We are bringing value to the Veterans by providing a complete and thorough training and transitioning program that results in job placement and career opportunities in a high paying industry for the remainder of their career. 

We are bringing value to the companies by providing loyal, hard-working, motivated professionals which are 100% certified and trained to their specifications.


 We bring value to public and private sector industries and the general public, by graduating students who enter a career of providing testing and inspections of critical components, ensuring safe operation, therefore protecting the public, property, and the environment.