WARRIOR TO INSPECTOR Relocated to Bellemont

We moved out of Moonshot at NACET to our own building out in Bellemont. We are now located off the I-40 West between Camp Navajo and Schuff Steel. Warrior To Inspector was the first company in Moonshot, opening in October 2015. In this new location there will quadruple the indoor space we currently have at NACET. This will allow an even better training facility and will be able to better accommodate the expected increase in students over the next few semesters. Just in the last year, we doubled our size and outgrew our space. We are beyond grateful for all the help that NACET has done to get us where we are today. We will miss having foosball competitions with all the other companies that oc...

Welding Practice

Although we do not certify in welding, many of the guys come with a background as welders. From time to time we like to get together and practice. It makes for a much better welding inspector when they know how to weld themselves. When one of the guys has a welding set-up in his garage, it's hard to keep the other guys from coming over and using it.

Every single one for the students bring their own skills with them to school. Learning from your peers is a crucial part of education.

We can all learn from others and we all have something to teach.

In the Warrior-To-Inspector program, students complete courses and earn certifications in Ultrasonic Thickness Testing, Ultrasonic Shear-Wave Testing,...

Grit, why do we need it?

What does it mean to have grit and why is it important?

Grit is a subject mostly studied by positive psychologist and has proven to be one of the strongest factors in an individuals success. Grit is a mindset that you are able to endure anything that comes your way. An individual with grit understands that failure isn't a permanent thing and that hard work and determination are what matter the most when striving towards a goal. Those with grit often have strong passion for a particular objective and demonstrate persistence in achieving their goal.

Watch the video to learn more from psychologist Angela Duckworth and read her book Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance to continue learning...

Magnetic Particle Testing from the beginning

Although the ancient Greek were the first to discover magnetism in a mineral they named magnetite, the use of it for testing parts didn't happen until much later. Magnetite comes from the word Magnetos, which is the name of a Greek mountain that is rich in this mineral. As time goes by, slowly people start to understand magnetism, the properties of magnets and their many uses. The first scholarly text written on magnetism was written by a french man named Pierre de Maricourt in 1269!

later in 1868 S.H. SAXBY describes in the journal Engineering how he uses a magnetized needle to detect longitudinal cracks in tubes. Flaws were found on magnetized gun barrels by moving a compass along the lengt...

Desk views

Kenny Greene, the man, the legend

He always knows how to say it best.