WARRIOR TO INSPECTOR Relocated to Bellemont

We moved out of Moonshot at NACET to our own building out in Bellemont. We are now located off the I-40 West between Camp Navajo and Schuff Steel. Warrior To Inspector was the first company in Moonshot, opening in October 2015. In this new location there will quadruple the indoor space we currently have at NACET. This will allow an even better training facility and will be able to better accommodate the expected increase in students over the next few semesters. Just in the last year, we doubled our size and outgrew our space. We are beyond grateful for all the help that NACET has done to get us where we are today. We will miss having foosball competitions with all the other companies that occupy NACET but we will have made lifelong connections.

If you are unfamiliar with what it is that NACET does, let me take this time to explain. NACET stands for The Northern Arizona Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology. They are a business incubator and help small local businesses grow. They provide a beautiful, state of the art facility that offers many amenities that can be difficult to get small businesses just starting out. We would not be here if it hadn’t been for all the help from NACET and its supporters. Thank you!