Grit, why do we need it?

What does it mean to have grit and why is it important?

Grit is a subject mostly studied by positive psychologist and has proven to be one of the strongest factors in an individuals success. Grit is a mindset that you are able to endure anything that comes your way. An individual with grit understands that failure isn't a permanent thing and that hard work and determination are what matter the most when striving towards a goal. Those with grit often have strong passion for a particular objective and demonstrate persistence in achieving their goal.

Watch the video to learn more from psychologist Angela Duckworth and read her book Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance to continue learning about grit and its influence on us.

In the case of non-destructive testing, grit is a characteristic that will undoubtedly cause success. NDT inspectors are constantly facing new challenges in diverse environments. This constant change makes adaptability a must. These inspectors are working in all weather, trekking through all types of terrain, for endless hours, both day and night. Gritty NDT inspectors thrive in the challenges and push through all barriers.

Do you have what it takes?