Welding Practice

Although we do not certify in welding, many of the guys come with a background as welders. From time to time we like to get together and practice. It makes for a much better welding inspector when they know how to weld themselves. When one of the guys has a welding set-up in his garage, it's hard to keep the other guys from coming over and using it.

Every single one for the students bring their own skills with them to school. Learning from your peers is a crucial part of education.

We can all learn from others and we all have something to teach.

In the Warrior-To-Inspector program, students complete courses and earn certifications in Ultrasonic Thickness Testing, Ultrasonic Shear-Wave Testing, Phased-Array Ultrasonic Testing and Magnetic Particle Testing, which are all techniques used in welding inspection. In addition to the certifications, each student takes an exam prep course for the AWS-Certified Welding Inspector National Exam.