"Warrior-2-Inspector isn't just a training program for a trade , it allows an individual to excel and

grow as far as they desire. It's a family for warriors and brothers alike that have a new purpose

 with the same task as they did in their military careers.  That task is keeping America, its citizens,

and resources safe. This program develops an individual's character, mind, and body for the

better. With an owner/instructor that won't give up on you even when you've given up on

yourself and a staff that believe in the principles of honor, courage, commitment, integrity,

accountability, and above all else standing and helping others. The program cannot be anything 

but a true American dream."

Nathan Frady

‘’ We first met with Kenny at the API summit early 2016 and we immediately felt we could have a strong partnership with him. His training program and the knowledge Kenny has of the oil and gas industry were directly in line with what Creaform NDT team needed to support our growth and cope with our training capacity challenges. We knew our customers would benefit from his extensive experience in pipeline integrity and that his program would bring qualified inspectors in the market. Since April 2017, War2In team has given multiple Pipecheck trainings and our customers were more than satisfied of the service provided. We hope to sustain this relationship through the years and would be happy to broaden the applications of our partnership with Kenny and his team should we have the opportunity.’’

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Jessica Sinclair