FBN- December 2016 Article: War2In Training Veterans To Be Building Inspector

After a pipeline is put in, a bridge built or a skyscraper constructed, who can tell you years later whether it is still structurally sound? We have all heard of devastating situations where pipelines have burst, bridges failed and buildings fell. But there is a way to ensure that these structures are still safe. There are a variety of techniques, including ultrasound and radiographs, categorized as Non-destructive Testing or NDT.

We live in a world of aging infrastructure as well as new construction. More certified NDT inspectors are needed every year with thousands of jobs needing to be filled.

Enter Warrior 2 Inspectors (War2In) founder, Kenny Greene. He loves what he does and is driven to train veterans to fill these jobs. His goal i...

Addressing The Nde Technician Shortage

As Demand Outpaces Supply, the Oil and Gas Industry Looks for Creative Solutions

Ask anyone in the pipeline industry, and they’ll tell you there’s a serious shortage of non-destructive evaluation (NDE) technicians in North America. A combination of stronger regulations for legacy lines and new construction, plus a lengthy certification process, has created a situation where demand for technicians outpaces supply.

As the name suggests, NDE provides pipeline owner/operators with a way to validate inline inspection (ILI) findings and evaluate anomalies without the risk of further damage. NDE technicians use magnetic particles, radiography, and high-frequency sound waves to locate anomalies in pipelines. In addition, they can co...